The following is a list of additional precise property parcels valued at $150,000 or additional which have been transferred beforehand few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: Caroline and Louisa listings isn’t going to be included until extra uncover.


127 N 18th St; Rochelle Holding Co to Vanderbilt Properties Llc, $150,000.

526 N twenty first St; Savchenko Daria & to Cicek Huseyin and Ayhan Rana, $345,000.

312 N twenty fifth St; Weinstein Alex H to 312 North twenty fifth St Llc, $550,000.

1107 N twenty sixth St; Zhang tXiaoxue to Medrano Ingrid L Arze And, $350,000.

1236 N twenty ninth St; Richmond Moderately priced Housing to Updegraff Mollianne M And, $330,000.

1115 N thirty third St; Walsh Patrick Kevin and to Cervantes Matthew And, $415,000.

1102 W forty third St; Russell Joel D & to Stancil Cody A and Ripp Casey E, $725,000.

3227 fifth Ave; Lobkov Stanislav to Barbosa Faustus S And, $235,000.

1322 Amherst Ave; Easterling Catherine L to Daroca Christopher Nolan, $214,000.

3176 Atlantic St; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Spencer Eric Floyd And, $373,233.

4907 Augusta Ave; D & S Merchandising Inc to 4911 Augusta Llc, $1,335,000.

2908 Barton Ave; Tisdale Lina B to Allen Jeniffer R And, $199,000.

1602 Blair St; Tillman Doris Carol to Randolph Properties Llc, $190,000.

1808 Briarcliff Road; Arze Juan Pablo and to Lee David M and Kristina L H, $261,500.

1 Brockenbrough Lane; Mcghee Craig A to Vitalized Properties Llc, $1,167,000.

4209 Brook Road; Kind & Space Llc to Montgomery Jason Stuart And, $615,000.

700 Byswick Lane; Williams Edward Jeffrey to Moffitt James M And, $245,000.

8946 Cherokee Road; Womack Betty Jean and to Smith Laura Jeanette And, $380,000.

3217 Cliff Ave; Pope Leroy M & Olivia J to Pope Lawrence Jr, $160,000.

1200 Commonwealth Ave; Roberts Jeffrey B and Annie to West Hugh A and Rosalie A, $750,000.

3190 Cullenwood Dr; Thompson Emanuel to J C Painter Inc, $181,000.

813 Deter Road; Diaz Jose F and to Putinas Gintautas And, $230,000.

3813 Dover Road; Seagraves Bradford Spencer and to Prince Lauren Shannon, $1,030,000.

3521 Enslow Ave; Okay & L Product sales Llc to Wallace Andrew Stuart And, $378,000.

3801 Fauquier Ave; Cuba Melissa Jennifer and to Larner Daniel Quentin, $390,000.

4718 Fitzhugh Ave; 4718 Fitzhugh Assortment Of Mbr to Souza Matheus Coutinho Dos S &, $325,000.

5540 Forest Hill Ave; Stevens Charles D & to Patin Alexander and Bruce J, $408,500.

2711 E Grace St; Sweeney Karen T to Rutledge Elizabeth And, $775,000.

2346 W Grace St U1; 2346 Grace Llc to 2346 Couple Llc, $298,000.

6801 Greenvale Dr; Langhorne Tucker P to Voelkel Joshua Connor And, $375,000.

4508 Grove Ave; Taylor & Hancock Properties Llc to Core 4 Rva Llc, $420,000.

703 N Hamilton St Ul; Luebbers Ashley M to Downey Leah, $250,000.

2956 Hathaway Road U106; Ward Kenneth A & Barbara N to Delforn Alan R, $400,000.

4232 Hickory Road; Lacy Adam M to Burch James B and Katherine E, $479,000.

1129 Hull St; 1129 Hull St Llc to Bloom Properties Llc, $890,000.

847 Irby Dr; Love Jessica D to Emano Paolo, $195,500.

3312 Kensington Ave; Brown Richard F to Brown Alyson, $435,000.

6407 Kensington Ave; Lester Margaret Stewart to Lcb Acq Llc, $270,000.

1201 Laburnum Park Blvd; Cooper Catherine Lambert Trs to Amores Linnsey M And, $805,000.

6104 Lamar Dr; Ramirez Emily to Gachanja Peter Kairu And, $250,000.

1410 Lorraine Ave; Morin Patrick D and Tracie L to Dangelo Patricia, $363,500.

3201 Manorcrest Road; Space Ronald J Jr to Throckmorton April Crewe, $160,000.

10 S Meadow St; 8 & 10 S Meadow Highway Llc to Chen Shan Jian and Lin Mei Fang, $805,000.

5050 Midlothian Tpke; Psc Cubit Llc to Further Space Properties Two Llc, 16565000.

2006 Monument Ave; Martin William V and Blair H to Spanswick Mark O and Teri F, $1,244,250.

4200 Narbeth Ave; Poulson Eugene Sr & to Jones James C, $195,500.

4006 Newport Dr; Weaver Steven C and to Twohig Molly Katharine, $349,900.

1432 Oakwood Ave; Hunt Katharine T to Melchert Clark D And, $240,000.

1404 Park Ave; Barkley George R Jr and to Neal Fred J And, $900,000.

5304 Parker St; Tekle Yonas to Jones Rukiya Nathifa, $203,500.

3607 Pinebrook Dr; Joyner Jason & Billington Liza to Archard Holly Valiant And, $458,700.

1915 Porter St; Pierce Juanita to Lopez Daisy Alisson, $200,000.

5400 Queensbury Road; Koonce John F Jr Revocable to Dillon Thomas Joseph Iii, $455,000.

3205 Rosewood Ave; Weir Tyler J and Frantz Susan M to Wingfield Jonathan Clay And, $415,000.

3018 S St; Mahala Llc to Edmonds Angela Elizabeth, $394,500.

5232 Sheridan Lane; Adamek Walter J Jr and to Mallon Margaret R, $250,000.

605 Spring St Uk; Bremer Frederick and Celesteann to Kulkarni Nitin Y and Abhaya N, $315,000.

4303 Stonewall Ave; Boise Joanne S to Roberts Kenneth H and Laura Mae, $420,500.

1925 Stuart Ave; Sikes Samuel C and Oxana S to Hyman Joseph Thomas, $1,250,000.

1101 Sumpter St; Richmond Metropolitan Habitat to Degabriel Nicole, $241,500.

2101 Tobacco Mill St; NVR Inc to Adams Andrew Carl and Stephanie, $405,035.

506 Tuckahoe Blvd; Trice Edmonia Wto Rogers Jacqueline Nicole, $870,000.

301 Virginia St U1406; Hull Properties Llc to Rtt Revocable Perception Trustee &, $335,000.

2407 Wendell Lane; Restrepo Properties Llc to Alvarado Nelson Antonio, $255,000.

1418 Willis St; Mendez Arturo J to Downs Catherine, $185,000.

5316 Wingfield St; De Block Rudolf W & Dorseda S to Mishler Erin Blaine, $270,000.


4308 fifth St, Henrico; Paige Sherwood to Lindsey Tiara, $200,000.

2757 Acadia Dr, Henrico; Stanley Martin Properties Llc to Kaur Rajinder , $317,274.

2761 Acadia Dr, Henrico; Stanley Martin Properties Llc to Thompson Aaron L and Deborah , $421,520.

5005 Amberwell Pl, Glen Allen; Dunn Thomas and Tammy L to Klimek Ryan Andrew and Ashley Dowdy, $705,000.

394 Armitage Stroll, Henrico; Eagle Growth Of Va Llc to Woo Vivian Y and Megan Y , $383,155.

212 Ashbury Hills Dr, Henrico; Basalious Martin and Amany to Battle Crystal N, $390,000.

10855 Ashton Poole Pl, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Properties Lc to S Ramamoorthy And L D Jayanthi Perception, $358,360.

808 Baldwin Rd, Henrico; Mcpherson John L to Fowler James W and Audrey E Hart, $442,000.

2908 Battery Ave, Henrico; Jones Jessica E to Baker Emily Ann, $325,000.

512 Belle Grove Ln, Henrico; Price Jonathan R Sr and Elizabeth H to Trowbridge Kyle M and Fiorella R, $760,000.

11841 Blandfield St, Henrico; Nordin Matthew D to Bebawi Mahfouz N, $335,550.

1704 Bramsford Ct, Henrico; Fagan Jennifer Kehoe and James Christopher to Elander Michael and Amelia, $429,000.

9505 Broad Meadows Rd, Glen Allen; Situ Cuihao to Tobia Ishak, $325,000.

7425 Brook Rd, Henrico; Mitchell Properties Inc to 7425 Brook Road Llc, $413,500.

8154 Buffin Rd, Henrico; Marchetti Erin C and Rheanna M Wilder to Wallo Raymond P and Jo Ann Neuroth-Wallo, $245,000.

1410 Byron St, Henrico; Hilton Michael R to Medley Michael Kennard, $188,000.

9901 Capri Rd, Henrico; Dingler Avery and Carly to Liao Ying Bor, $367,250.

8157 Carriage Bend Ln, Henrico; Townhomes At Parham Place Llc to Gopurathingal Jenny, $399,900.

9117 Fort Degree Dr, Glen Allen; Americas Dream Llc to Leggett Lauren, $339,000.

2615 Chancer Dr, Henrico; Ewing Kara J to Elenat Properties Llc, $185,000.

1300 Chipper Ct, Henrico; Mizelle Cheryl to Sfr Acquisitions 1 Llc, $225,000.

2126 Clover Rd, Henrico; Nowell Lonnie P Jr to Kcb Holdings Llc, $180,000.

8 N Confederate Ave, Sandston; Klein Mary M to Ashworth Edith, $230,000.

4301 Cottage Rose Ln, Henrico; Woody Kimberly to Walker Destini , $231,000.

9719 Nation Method Rd, Glen Allen; Hollenbeck Gary W and Jacquelyn Would possibly Hobson to Ripley David R and Katherine G, $275,000.

5312 Coxson Rd, Henrico; Pinner Royce to Leeper Donald, $183,000.

9312 Crystal Brook Ter, Glen Allen; Corbett Lydia S to Dillion Abdullaah L and Mounia Laaouda, $410,000.

1601 Darracott Rd, Henrico; Cordova Jonye J and Debbie J Mozingo to Trent Afton Y, $299,000.

12304 Dewhurst Ave, Henrico; Byrne Sean P and Marissa S Watts to Winston Renda L, $840,000.

Dominion Blvd, Glen Allen; Virginia Electrical and Power to Innsbrook Th Land Proprietor Llc, $2,332,766.

12484 Donahue Rd, Glen Allen; Boone Properties Inc to Kay David D and Juliana , $643,362.

2605 Duffy Ct, Henrico; Kempf Genevieve D to Diloreto Virginia M , $267,500.

103 Early Ave, Sandston; Turley Diane M to Jones Mattie Bell and David Prenell, $269,500.

11 Emerson St, Henrico; Liberty Properties Va Inc to Eckel Caleb and Rebekah Roberts, $273,280.

10513 Farm Meadow Dr, Glen Allen; Petrella Marcus A and Benita W to De Chavez Nidia G R and Luis M M Camacho, $600,000.

7701 Flannagan Ct U308, Henrico; Brown Adam H to Rodriguez Hernandez Luis Antonio , $160,000.

4683 Fort Mchenry Pkwy, Glen Allen; Rca Legacy Ventures Llc to Guillen Enis and Morena Aviles, $340,000.

10809 Foxmoore Ave, Henrico; Burton Douglas Bonnell and Casey Elizabeth to Noah Zachary J and Jennifer L Guiliano, $385,000.

8320 Fulham Ct, Henrico; Nott Patricia B Property to Addison Joshua S and Ingrid , $415,000.

12456 Grace Hill Ln, Glen Allen; Rutledge Delano J to Full Residence Design Llc, $309,000.

410 Greenbrier Ave, Henrico; Canada Brenda H to West Donovan and Charmayne , $265,000.

10617 Greenwood Rd, Glen Allen; Sapkota Nagen and Krishna Dangal to Adhikari Sunita and Kiran Regmi, $350,000.

4012 Grove Degree Dr, Henrico; NVR Inc to Spurlock Raenise C, $237,070.

11312 Halbrooke Ct, Henrico; Gulyassy Anne M Trustee to Gulyassy Anne M Trustee, $512,000.

5609 Arduous Rock Pl, Henrico; Johnson David S to Koslow Jennifer and Daniel P, $382,000.

7417 Hawthorne Ave, Henrico; Seay Betty J and Andrew B Jordan to Oneal Lakecia, $275,000.

8006 Hermitage Rd, Henrico; Hines Brooke E and Kevin P Johnson to Ianniello Amy Kathryn and Brian Alan Geib, $335,000.

1201 Hillside Ave, Henrico; Smith Nathan L to Origin Medical Group Llc, $185,000.

404 Huger Dr, Sandston; Walden Investments Llc to Harriman Richard E and Chau Okay, $210,000.

2500 Irisdale Ave, Henrico; Shepherd Kelly to Clancy David, $295,000.

232 N Ivy Ave, Henrico; Coles Maurice L to Tedder Derrick, $201,000.

301 W Jerald St, Henrico; Whitman Michael Jr to Gibbs Devin A, $206,000.

12245 Kain Rd, Glen Allen; Armstrong Roy W and Linda D to 12245 Kain Road Llc, $250,000.

2805 Kenmore Rd, Henrico; Diperna Mary E to Mcfadden Thomas Robert, $340,000.

9572 Kimberly Lynn Cir, Glen Allen; Bibby Tiwori L to Saini Bikram and Guneet Sarai, $207,000.

9725 Kingscroft Dr, Glen Allen; Peters John to Hager Robert, $250,000.

308 Lake Crest Ct, Henrico; Wickerham Sean M to Wall Jeffrey Scott, $244,000.

7711 Lampworth Pl, Henrico; Posenau Jerry L to Salzberg Anna C and Aric T Leinen, $292,500.

2214 Lauderdale Dr, Henrico; Minton Mitzy A to Woolard Wendi D and Charles H , $310,000.

5807 Lee Ave, Henrico; Curotto Nicolas E and Jane B Ball to Sakowicz Lukasz M and Jessica W, $420,587.

2202 Libbie Lake West St, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Beifield Martin P Jr and Ina C Ginsberg, $527,469.

6528 Liddy Cir, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Bell Carolyn , $567,410.

2104 Liesfeld Pkwy, Glen Allen; Tudor Mark B to Edmunds John and Michelle, $420,000.

10971 Little 5 Loop, Glen Allen; Life-style Builders And Builders Inc to Mcneill Alfonso, $603,163.

603 Luther Rd, Henrico; Wilhelm Deborah W and A C W Jr Et Al to Johnson Kimberly Nicole, $200,000.

4903 Macilroy Ct, Henrico; Masonic Residence Of Virginia to Parry Courtney J, $340,000.

223 N Mapleleaf Ave, Henrico; Harrison Hallet W Jr and F to Palmer Holdings Llc, $220,000.

105 Marlin Dr, Henrico; Silva Jessica B and Phil C Christian Jr to Ramashwar Triven, $205,000.

5917 Maybrook Dr, Glen Allen; Seliquini Thomas G to Smith Stephen T, $442,927.

4307 Meredith Creek Dr, Glen Allen; Jones Michael A and Pita Trustees to Tiller John L Iii Trustee, $275,000.

8207 Metcalf Dr, Henrico; Starkey Elizabeth N to Calderon Evelio and Rosa D C Quijada, $230,000.

3507 Middlewich Method, Henrico; Kind Craft Properties Inc Of Virgina to Patel Dineshbhai C, $248,170.

11413 Mill Rd, Glen Allen; Robertson Kimberly P Et Al Trustees to Hausenfluck Robert D Jr and Molly A Hiner, $330,000.

11920 Montfort Cir, Glen Allen; Ford Sharyn V to Downes Patricia E and Paul E, $644,500.

5233 Monument Ave, Henrico; Shea John C to Waleski Mary A Trustee, $560,000.

410 S Mooreland Rd, Henrico; Reifsnider Robin and John L Trustees to Greenbaum Noah C P and Meredith L, $1,750,000.

110 New Harvest Dr, Henrico; Barrett Pamela D to Graber Cameron D, $266,000.

12418 New Degree Dr, Henrico; Miller F Keith Property to Metz Andrew John , $173,000.

8412 O’connor Ct U01, Henrico; Garner Chanel to Love Sheila Elaine, $165,000.

1495 Outdated Oakland Rd, Henrico; Martin Randolph Trustee to Bibs Brian A and Rosa I, $349,900.

3501 Ormiston Grove Cir, Henrico; Me Nuckols Llc to River Metropolis Personalized Properties Inc, $250,000.

9720 Paragon Dr, Henrico; Chervenak Philip M to Purvis Joseph Rayburn and Hannah Christine, $265,000.

1510 Patriot Cir, Glen Allen; Osborne Robert M &bc Trst to Boyd Nan, $315,000.

2248 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Burns Jervetta S to Redmond Jill, $425,000.

403 Good St, Henrico; Crawford Patricia Okay to Brandon James A Jr , $215,000.

12308 Porsche Dr, Glen Allen; Brown Rodney C and Crystal to Sreedharan Promodkumar and Shyni Mohan, $900,000.

2908 Queensland Dr, Henrico; Byra Vijay Okay to Williams Melissa, $247,000.

2302 Reed Rd, Henrico; Healy Michael and Lisa I to Healy Logan and Ashleigh Paige Walker, $195,000.

300 N Ridge Rd U11, Henrico; Herron Alice B to White Mary Kendall and George Rose, $531,600.

4603 River Mill Ct, Glen Allen; Knight Pamela D &shirley to Dominguez Judith Mejia and Margarita Mejia, $309,200.

2240 Rockwater Ter, Henrico; Rittenour Nilda L to Bryn Hunter P and Hannah N , $260,000.

20 N Rose Ave, Henrico; Fedarchuk Artsiom and Alena Dubavaya to Transient Nicole, $240,000.

909 Sabot St, Henrico; Prolonged Katherine M and Craig A Erlandson to Holmes John R , $520,000.

4812 Sanburne Pkwy, Sandston; Rodwell Amy N to Dempsey Bryan T, $230,000.

264 Scotch Pine Dr, Sandston; Archer Trevell H and Angela Okay to Gnansounou Dhimi-Gustavo, $250,000.

8343 Scott Pl, Henrico; Eastwood Properties Of Richmond Llc to Jordan William Joseph, $309,500.

3909 Shillingford Dr, Henrico; Christian Maurice to Jackson Travis T Sr and Krystal C West, $335,000.

53 Skipwith Inexperienced Cir, Henrico; Vines Michael J and Barbara L to Detres Tara L and Casildo Jr, $235,000.

5516 Smith Ave, Henrico; Bohannon Anthony J Jr and Susan B to Bohannon Anthony J Jr and Susan B, $190,000.

601 South St, Henrico; Wolpert Tony C to Akk Enterprises Llc, $150,000.

2659 St Elias Dr, Henrico; Stanley Martin Properties Llc to Tera Swetha and Sivasankar R Beeravalli, $285,780.

9714 Stockbridge Dr, Henrico; Burns Kenneth and Katherine Schihl to Reeves Valerie F , $265,000.

8844 Strath Rd, Henrico; Hutson Darrell and Jennifer to Walker Richard H, $325,000.

4806 Sydclay Dr, Henrico; Etheridge Jonathan L and Natalie J to Szakal Shannon J , $205,000.

5951 Tiger Lily Ln, Henrico; Summerdale Lp to Lca Summerdale Lp, 18262000.

2639 Towngate Ct, Henrico; Martin Joseph N and Kimberly A Peace to Fawzy Shereen M , $245,000.

7400 Turner Rd, Henrico; Lovell Carley G Trustee to Walpole John and Simone Bevans, $360,000.

2101 Turtle Creek Dr U2, Henrico; Temple Richard B and Barbara J to Murray John F Jr and Linda L , $205,000.

3630 Vawter Ave, Henrico; Blake Property Choices Llc to Hausart Llc, $150,000.

12298 Village Springs Dr, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Muthusamy Selvaraj and Geetha Ramalingam, $616,245.

828 W Washington St, Henrico; Flynn Pamela to Wright Tameka and Stephen B Heath, $330,000.

1806 Westhill Rd, Henrico; Thomas Kelsey Dana to Villalobos Reina I A and Reina A L V Giron, $234,900.

6953 Wildwood St, Henrico; Brown Corey W and Dannie M to Richards Christopher and Azure Z Jones, $275,000.

11416 Willow Gate Dr, Glen Allen; Sahebzada Tayeb to Harris Torrea S and Jeffrey A, $600,000.

9396 Wind Haven Ct U0210, Glen Allen; Kirby Kara Anne to Paquette Richard D , $175,000.

4635 Wistar Creek Dr, Henrico; Stanley Martin Properties Llc to Griffin Morgan B , $320,750.

8026 Wistar Glen Dr, Henrico; Toguem Cedric Defo to Yann Boris Kevin Yappi Keulieu, $345,000.

8063 Wistar Glen Dr, Henrico; NVR Inc to Bouchtia Yossera, $349,990.

3407 Woody Ridge Pl, Glen Allen; Graubics John A and Carrie L to Hartman Andrew C and Kelly E , $882,000.


522 Abbey Village Cir, Midlothian; Hrank William S to Helms Michelle W, $321,000.

2507 Alcott Rd, North Chesterfield; Moye Carol Ann to Aguilar Keiry Garcia, $200,000.

14356 Altavista Blvd, Midlothian; NVR Inc to Ward Rahsaan and Lucas Lezlyanne, $438,720.

8337 Amington Ln, Chesterfield; Eastwood Properties Of Richmond Llc to Yaddanapudi Lakshmi Prasanna C and Lakshmi Rama Silpa, $472,630.

7301 Appelman Rd, Chesterfield; Shurm Growth Inc to Cruz Stephanie Powell, $322,694.

13710 Arrowood Ct, Midlothian; Monette Leigh Carleton to Callahan James M, $290,000.

5857 Austin Woods Dr, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to David Deniecea, $306,075.

5418 Autumnleaf Dr, North Chesterfield; Nunfio Gregorio to Macklin Roberta and Francois Sharid, $275,000.

21121 Baileys Ln, South Chesterfield; Bagley Keiara to Pegram Charles A and Washington Mary L, $245,000.

7321 Seaside Rd, Chesterfield; El Channun Llc to Gammon Nicholas S and Trempe Colleen, $275,000.

3822 Beechtree Ct, North Chesterfield; Nunez Natalie to Sherd Hervey Emmons Jr and Janet Carol Correctly, $163,000.

7219 Bennington Rd, North Chesterfield; Villalobos Fidel D and Rivera D to Cabrera Marvin Diaz, $150,000.

4001 Bircham Loop, Midlothian; Mcclure W V Inc to Harrison Anita L and Reed Danny R, $581,495.

13900 Bluff Ridge Dr, Chesterfield; Williams Donald and Terri D B to Fedoriw Brandon and Kristina, $447,500.

2201 Bower Ridge Dr, Chester; Rolling Ridge Llc to Hunt-Mcmillan Lene’, $347,289.

15210 Braeton Dr, Midlothian; Watkins Land Llc to Watkins Associates Ii Llc, $1,973,438.

14012 Branched Antler Dr, Midlothian; Salcedo-Jimenez Abraham Et Al to Dodrill Kyleen C, $292,500.

8607 Brechin Ln, Chesterfield; O’reilly John J and Mary Sue E to Seng Thavy and Sanoeun, $380,000.

7611 Broadreach Dr, Chesterfield; West Brittany M and Koenig D to Hammer Michelle Miles, $290,000.

9000 Buffalo Springs Dr, Midlothian; Rieker Christopher D and N to French Kirk Steven Jr and Helena Joyce, $460,000.

1931 Carbon Hill Dr, Midlothian; Broocke David C and Amy P to Beville Ryan Price and Bush Vanessa Gloria Villanueva, $551,000.

13401 Fort Gap Ct, Midlothian; Rintels Jonathan B Jr Trustee to Valentine Robert William, $465,000.

1948 Celia Cres, North Chesterfield; Estafanous H S and Malak S F A to Rodwell Jonathan, $265,000.

13518 Chesdin Landing Dr, Chesterfield; Gregoire Progress Corp to Thigpen Travis Justin, $721,299.

5505 Chestnut Bluff Rd, Midlothian; Wagner Megan Nicole to White Jarrett Lee, $300,000.

16006 Clawton Ct, Chesterfield; Eastwood Properties Of Richmond Llc to Nguyen Dunhill and Pham Nga, $303,795.

713 Membership Crest Blvd, Chester; Zaidi Syed Imran and Saima I to Nino Andy and Stegmann Laura, $439,900.

12041 Corianna Ln, Midlothian; Smithson Kourtney A and Trevor R to Hunter Nichol, $325,000.

2904 Cove Ridge Cir, Midlothian; Goff Thomas S and Angele M to Bartlett Michelle Goff, $269,473.

16513 Crossfell Dr, Chesterfield; Youngblood Properties Llc to Zajick Kenneth W and Marie D, $537,051.

13318 Degonia Method, Chesterfield; Degonia D J and Degonia M Okay Trs to Schaefer Kelsey, $175,000.

7016 Desert Candle Dr, Moseley; Burgess Alice S to Peters Rosa Ingargiola and Ingargiola Vita, $385,000.

16024 Drumone Rd, Midlothian; Williams Joshua A and Susan E to Hyeong Hye Ryeon, $1,089,900.

4310 Dunraven Rd, North Chesterfield; Paulette James L Ii and Mary Okay H to Paulette Stephen James, $165,000.

15221 Dunton Ave, Chesterfield; Cosby Village Llc to Drain Cecil B and Ala Kathryn D, $326,135.

711 Eastwood Dr, North Chesterfield; Peters Randolph Brian and Peters Mabel Caldwell to Tempo Nicole, $195,500.

7804 Edwin Ln, South Chesterfield; B&okay Rental Property Vi Llc to Dillon Taylor N, $225,000.

11343 Elokomin Ave, Chester; Rolling Ridge Llc to Sok Si J and Breeden Delvin, $363,672.

3654 Ethens Degree Ln, Chester; Hampton Letitia R and F C Ii to Bradford Derrick T, $410,000.

650 Farnham Cir, North Chesterfield; Perkins Terry L and Lee Ann to Satterwhite Michael W and Hallie, $599,000.

3113 Fielding Rd, South Chesterfield; Girling Joyce to Burton Dustin, $215,500.

14830 Flour Mill Ct, Midlothian; Stockner Gary W to Seals Ventress, $386,250.

14631 Forest Row Trl, Midlothian; Moore M J and Johnson C F Jr to Gonzalez Katherine H and Hoban Joseph Patrick, $555,000.

3207 Fox Chase Dr, Midlothian; Hitchcock Loretta F and Thomas R to Mcewan Micah Okay and Sarah M, $305,000.

1824 Galley Pl, Chester; Hhhunt Properties L C to Meyer Sandra Sue Trustee, $458,680.

15910 Gary Ave, Chester; Donner P A and Halloran M P Jr to Twigg Christina, $268,000.

2703 Goby Ct, Midlothian; Bear Oak Properties Llc to Walton Marion, $258,000.

17906 Grand Haven Ct, Moseley; Sandhaus Marc D and Lisa G to Kirby William A and Santos Jaqueline Dos, $780,000.

13536 Inexperienced Spire Ct, Chester; Mcgill Zantisha S to Azanama Lilian E, $305,000.

6317 Halrose Ln, North Chesterfield; Bowen Scott E and Michele M to Nash Cassandra, $180,000.

15820 Hampton Park Dr, Chesterfield; Hampton Park Associates Llc to Hp Cottage Courtroom Inc, $300,000.

1212 Hawkins Picket Cir, Midlothian; Tignor Robert P and Karen M to Flowers Kevin B Jr and Edelrose R, $439,950.

15501 Hidden Falls Dr, Moseley; Mosby Stephen V and Lynn Oakley to Kelly John and Jennifer, $793,625.

3918 Hilltop Farms Ter, Chester; Webb Dawn D to Mejia Arbaiza Luis Humberto and Garcia Elsa Marilu and Mejia Arbaiza Cristian J, $279,950.

10400 Hull Highway Rd, Midlothian; Ama Property Funding Llc to 10400 Hull St Va Llc, $2,823,000.

7242 Ingot Pl, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Cintron Dennis and Fontanez Madeline, $374,170.

4712 Jaymont Dr, North Chesterfield; Cole R A and Cole J M Co-Trs to Robinson Robin E, $227,000.

3505 Julep Dr, South Chesterfield; Clougher William T Iii to Duncan Brandon and Brandy, $237,000.

5013 Kimmeridge Dr, Moseley; Shin Sunny H to Engel Gary M, $624,990.

12316 La Prade St, Chester; Rollins Kevin L and Michelle L to Ramos Franqui Heidy Lee and Franqui Elisabel, $286,000.

14124 Laketree Dr, Chester; Richard L Henshaw Inc to Gilchrist Joshua W and Whorley Courtney, $280,000.

16725 Laurel Park Dr, Moseley; Westerleigh Fc Llc to Carbiener Wayne Iii and Maggie, $450,999.

6860 Leire Ln, Chesterfield; Cosby Village Llc to Roberts Kerri-Anne R, $360,715.

15900 Lewisham Dr, Moseley; Hhhunt Greenwich Stroll Llc to Anderson Steven Lee and Joann Walter, $498,545.

2425 Loch Braemar Dr, North Chesterfield; Spiers Nicole L to Faulk Ruth, $360,000.

9048 Misplaced Forest Dr, North Chesterfield; Wolfzorn David J and Jennifer A to Barnett William G Jr and Betty C, $225,000.

11313 Magill Terrace Dr, Chester; Major Highway Properties to Cook dinner dinner James L Jr and Kimberly Nicole, $341,845.

6410 Manassas Ct, Chesterfield; Austin Karen F to Mealy Gregory C Sr and Francine Yvette Leeper, $279,000.

13506 Marsh Elder Ct, Chesterfield; Gregoire Adam V to Castro Steven Aurelio and Heather M, $815,000.

6718 Mason Dale Pl, North Chesterfield; Hernandez Anibal Jr to Stewart Jason, $250,000.

3806 Mctyres Cove Rd, Midlothian; Weatherford Robert A and L G to Jenkins William Michael Benusa and Emily Elane Benusa, $410,000.

7201 Michener Ct, North Chesterfield; D R Horton Inc to Stokes Luther Lamar and Mirpuri-Stokes Ameeta Vashi, $436,890.

11413 Millside Ter, Midlothian; Zemans Jill to Mcmillan Robert W and Fischer Carolyn, $360,000.

6331 Mockingbird Ln, Midlothian; Rood Jonathan M to Lynn Olivia Grace, $156,000.

2522 Myron Ave, North Chesterfield; Martinez Marta Orellana and Gamez Manuel De Jesus to Walker Delvin O, $270,000.

13720 Nashua Ter, Midlothian; Thompson Tarsha L to Jackson Robert Sr and Shannon, $272,000.

2215 Nightfall Dr, North Chesterfield; Eastwood Properties Of Richmond Llc to Kim Lee Fang, $300,970.

6003 Northford Pl, Chesterfield; Hodge Raheem Okay to Ordonez Luna Nelson E, $275,000.

7705 Offshore Dr, Chesterfield; Frary Joshua and Erica to Cole Donald W Iii and Cole Donald W Sr, $237,500.

10407 Outdated Camp Rd, North Chesterfield; Mcelroy Kevin H Jr and Morgan O to Baron Scott Alexander, $335,000.

7211 Omalley Dr, North Chesterfield; Reese Tamara H to Munford Chase A and Abigail M, $285,000.

5800 Otterdale Rd, Moseley; Everhart Ainsley Acklen to Thompson Adam W and Decker Julianne C, $879,000.

2945 Parkdale Rd, North Chesterfield; Karger Roland C to Martinez Juana A Lima, $220,000.

11001 Pennway Dr, North Chesterfield; Strader Bobby J and Betty W to Meadows Jonathan C and Kathy, $290,000.

11628 Pleasantview Rd, North Chesterfield; Guth Edward C and Teresa F to Mcdonald James and Balassi Brandy, $269,900.

7000 Pointer Ridge Rd, Midlothian; Fugate Kristopher and Kiersten to St John Nickels Erica, $270,000.

1517 Porters Mill Ct, Midlothian; Winningham Larry B and Dorothy E to Roedersheimer Gregory Alan, $245,000.

2001 Windfall Creek Trl, North Chesterfield; Mayes Connie to Torres Diaz Cecilia Y, $332,000.

8024 Provincetown Dr, North Chesterfield; Savage Theresa to Allen Nathan Thomas, $170,000.

605 Quarterpath Ln, South Chesterfield; Hudson Ronald L and Linda Okay to King Mycal and Lashelle, $335,000.

9641 Raven Wing Dr, Chesterfield; Bechard David and Chelsea M to Storck Sarah L and Pope Joshua D, $346,000.

11342 Ridge Mill Ct, Chester; Rolling Ridge Llc to Harrison Andre and Lezanne, $330,617.

15011 River Rd, Chesterfield; Magnusen Robert J and Kelly F to Davis Timothy Lewis Jr and Renee Brittigan, $580,000.

7531 Robinwood Ct, Chesterfield; Totty Robert W and Valerie S to Miller Family Revocable Perception, $279,950.

330 Rossmere Dr, Midlothian; Glasser Joyce C to Anderson Cynthia and Kevin, $310,000.

17514 Sadberge Dr, South Chesterfield; Gross sales house Zachary S to Jones Whitney N, $185,000.

2630 Sandhurst Ln, Midlothian; Boitnott Joanne P to Mankey Austin James and Brianna Grace, $499,000.

5306 Sandy Ridge Ct, Chesterfield; Rioz Jasmine M and Golston A T to Ear Joseph Anthony and Simran Okay, $305,000.

2433 Scarsborough Dr, North Chesterfield; Berlin Harold R Jr and Beverly H to Gallanosa Kathryn Would possibly and Soroka Paul, $450,000.

8225 Seattle Slew Ter, Midlothian; Boyer Brett Wade to Harmsen Phillip Scott and Franklin Kristin Nicole, $305,000.

6419 Ships Watch Ln, Midlothian; Gray Derek to Nguyen Khoa Anh and Vo Thien Thuy, $350,000.

11643 Smoketree Dr, North Chesterfield; Prolonged David A and Naomi T to Ameling Forrest and Hannah, $362,000.

6717 Southwalk Hts, Moseley; Greenwich Stroll Villas Condominium At Foxcreek Llc to Lamison-White Leatha Mae, $428,225.

9507 Spring Glen Dr, Chesterfield; Shah Mehul M and Avani M to Scruggs Michaun, $415,000.

8448 Spruce Pine Dr, North Chesterfield; Shuman Nicole Marie to Ramirez Jose D Correa and Escalera Yohali Gonzalez, $202,000.

4719 Stanley Dr, North Chesterfield; Born Patrick M and Debra L to Benavides-Diaz Rigoberto and Benavides Nidia E, $229,680.

5812 Sterlingworth Dr, Moseley; Eastwood Properties to Webber Erin N, $409,770.

3335 Stone Manor Cir, Chester; Crowell Doris B Trustee to Alley Gerald C and Judy, $270,500.

18001 Stonewolf Dr, Moseley; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Koszalka Michael F Jr and Barbara L, $932,762.

9411 Summercreek Dr, Chesterfield; Brinkley Charles R Jr and Judy H to Frazier Tyren and Likisha, $490,000.

10612 Surry Rd, Chester; Puricelli Timothy A Sr and A C to Whitby Tina Rai, $245,000.

1428 Sycamore Mews Cir, Midlothian; Bowles Lorey E to Niemann Kelly Elizabeth, $215,000.

14227 Tanager Picket Ct, Midlothian; Smallenberg Wilhelmine Okay to Bathurst Romney W, $355,000.

6901 Theoden Lndg, North Chesterfield; D R Horton Inc to Youthful Robin Monique and Jones Quadrell Quentin and Jones Tianna Naisha, $411,090.

13710 Thorngate Rd, Midlothian; Maurice Stephen and Kasey to Harris Christopher Matthew and Coates Meghan Fuller, $752,500.

18012 Timber Banks Ln, Moseley; Biringer Builders Inc to Bouchard Steven J and Colleen L, $894,000.

10806 Timonium Dr, Chester; Gholson Jennifer E and Jeremy T to Klimcsak Jenna M, $253,000.

8631 Trent Rd, North Chesterfield; Perry Leigh C to Av Design Concepts Llc, $260,000.

8712 Turquoise Pl, Chesterfield; Somford Joost and Sandra P to Lacy Michael and Maren S, $625,000.

18275 Twin Falls Ln, Moseley; Lewis Brian G and Cromwell Okay A to Blake Rebecca Hooper and Wooton Mary Keeley and Hooper Sandra Shifflett, $570,000.

4406 Village Creek Dr, Chester; Hamlin Dorothy F to Bracey Rodney A, $390,000.

6318 Walnut Bend Ter, Midlothian; Huebner Robert A and Joanne M to Mack Steve Jr, $514,500.

2607 Water Race Ter, Midlothian; Wright Lucas and Corbin to Holcombe George Jr and Steffany, $410,000.

14718 Waters Shore Dr, Midlothian; Kahn Heather to French Donna B and Robert M, $385,000.

6636 Method Degree Dr, North Chesterfield; Hhhunt Properties L C to Mccormick Jaclyn Ryan, $331,940.

12325 Wescott Dr, Midlothian; Hhhunt Properties L C to Saunders Brian Leitutua Jr and Kadzere Pfungwa Laura, $390,620.

1620 Westhall Gardens Dr, North Chesterfield; Kind Craft Properties Inc Of Va to Giles James E Jr and Alana C, $318,433.

910 Westwood Village Method, Midlothian; Mclaughlin Linda B to Yonce Net web page C and Lisa Waddell, $300,000.

15724 Whirland Dr, Midlothian; Clayton Properties Group Inc to Pollard Scott Russell and Katlyn Marie, $517,990.

14002 Whispering Oaks Rd, Midlothian; Winn James R and Christy D to Gross sales house Savannah M and Zachary S, $352,000.

12119 Whitley Manor Dr, Chesterfield; Wellman T M and Wellman C J Trs to Olivo Edgar Antonio Perez and Rivas Iraida Rosa Gil, $500,000.

4507 Wind Pl, North Chesterfield; Salaam Ishoc to Leon Kryssia and Rosas Anselmo Jaramillo, $345,000.

5619 Windingrun Pl, North Chesterfield; Finer Properties Inc to Whenda Weahdee B and Clement Z, $318,899.

11200 Woodland Pond Pkwy, Chesterfield; Yankowsky Anthony W and Shirley to Martinez Eddie R and Janice B, $505,000.

1224 Wycliff Ct, North Chesterfield; Wells Christopher W Trustee to Megginson Marcia L, $315,000.


0.79 acres; Sharlene C. Arnold to Ballesteros Investments LLC, $199,950.

159.5 acres; Diamond Group Inc. to Barry D. Gorman, $750,000.

25.652 acres; Lynda Plummer Hilliard to Brian J. Payne, $589,000.

9413 Alsace Courtroom, Mechanicsville; NK Properties LLC to Luis Garcia, $363,545.

4222 Beattie Mill Courtroom, Mechanicsville; Joan H. Hughes to Cody Daniel Nelson, $375,000.

8052 Blythe Road, Mechanicsville; Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Travis W. Womble, $512,360.

7181 Brooking Method, Mechanicsville; Leslie Feldman to Ignacio Rojas, $250,000.

11446 Caruthers Method, Glen Allen; Jimmy Lee Hunsucker to Jayne Ruth, $401,000.

715 Chapman St., Ashland; Gwendolyn Faye Tompkins to Charles Gardner Meyst, $355,000.

8351 Compass Drive, Mechanicsville; Kathy Jo Hadjis, executor to Simon Ward, $396,000.

6278 Dahlia Road, Mechanicsville; Louis J. Alfieri to Roger Reeves, $325,000.

7503 Robe Blue Drive, Mechanicsville; Shelley Mitchell Michalski, executor to Reynolds Dwelling Perception, $329,950.

10375 Farm Glen Method, Glen Allen; Farmstead Villas LLC to Gregory A. Scott, $389,440.

8316 Gettysburg Lane, Mechanicsville; Suzan H. Plaster to Ryan Card, $350,000.

13320 Hanover Quarter Road, Hanover; Scott Dalrymple to Karen Okay. Sequist, $890,000.

501 Henry Clay Road, Ashland; Andrea L. Ferment to Elizabeth L. Andrews, $253,200.

220 N James St., Ashland; Culley B. Burleson to Rita Perry, $266,150.

8155 Judith Lane, Mechanicsville; HHHunt Properties LC to Chandra Mouli Yanamadala, $518,313.

10319 Kestrel Drive, Ashland; Nelida Montalvo to Joshua Graham, $285,000.

8022 Lake Haven Drive, Mechanicsville; Patricia A. Priddy to Nathan Miles, $427,000.

17359 Stage Drive, Doswell; David Allen Jones to Jennifer Gail Stewart, $500,000.

6230 Lodge Pole Drive, Mechanicsville; STOL LLC to Christopher D. Riekerá, $322,000.

Lot 17, Block C, Half A, Shady Grove Forest; Dwight E. Leonard to Brian T. Stover, $300,000.

Lot 3, Arboridge; RDEV Corp. to RCI Builders LLC, $226,000.

Lot 67, Winding Brook Townhomes; NVR Inc. to Randeep R. Singh, $330,000.

8113 Lyman Courtroom, Mechanicsville; HHHunt Properties LC to Stephen Russ McNeill, $481,385.

7460 Meadow Haven Circle, Mechanicsville; Dennis E. Minton to Waynard C. Lowry Jr., $435,000.

11904 Mill Cross Terrace, Glen Allen; Kandace Kibler to Jonathan Witt, $315,000.

327 Myrtle St., Ashland; Lou Woodard Maceda to Waldo C. Jones Jr., $340,500.

Parcel; William R. Layne to Pine Hill Farms LLC, $990,000.

9560 Plateau Place, Mechanicsville; Lucio J. Juarez to Eliot Hill, $542,000.

10965 Ridgebrook Drive, Mechanicsville; Lawrence W. Eget to Johnathan Stephens, $530,000.

11415 Rose Bowl Drive, Glen Allen; Paul D. Zelko to Peggy I. Callison, $421,000.

15194 Saint Peters Church Road, Montpelier; Svetlana Kahle to Mark Thomas Brown, $755,000.

11418 Shady Farm Lane, Ashland; Diane G. Eddleton to Jane A. McCreery, $269,500.

7415 Shire Parkway, Mechanicsville; Ronald M. Byrd to Keith W. Cheatham Jr., $278,900.

3462 Spring Run Road, Mechanicsville; Stephen Todd Wright to Mitzy Atkinson Minton, $600,000.

10521 Stony Bluff Drive, Unit 303, Ashland; Stony Run Companions LLC to Jonathan Brewer, $250,000.

8298 Studley Road, Mechanicsville; Pamela Mae James to Calvin E. Harris Jr., $300,000.

119 Swannee Drive, Ashland; Jay B. Martin to William Brandon Hey, $205,000.

9317 Totopotomoy Path, Ashland; Elliott B. Meredith III to Gabrielle Carder, $319,950.

1145 Verdon Road, Doswell; Corrine W. Lucas to Quintin Lucas, $300,000.

8376 Wetherden Drive, Mechanicsville; Brian M. Goolsby to Amanda Don Smith, $357,750.

10245 Willmark Method, Ashland; NVR Inc. to Rachel Fogleman, $348,685.

9065 Winter Spring Drive, Mechanicsville; Michael B. Gill to Michael A. Debruyn, $521,200.


0.91 acres; Frederick R. Klein to Jennifer L. Klein, $270,000.

3.72 acres; LRC LLC to Martha Hill, $182,000.

13160 Clementown Road, Amelia Courtroom House; Everett D. Grant to Brenda Okay. Hodges, $265,000.

24521 Genito Road, Amelia Courtroom House; Steven A. Cifers to Robert Daniel Bradshaw, $296,402.

10140 Pink Rock Road, Amelia Courtroom House; Katherine Woolwine Hunter to Carmen Lawrence, $210,000.


1.093 acres; Equity Trustees LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $190,794.

4370 Adkins Road, Windfall Forge; Miguel M. Acosta to Scott Alvin Enos Sr., $425,000.


107 Arlington Av; Kamit, Nancy L. to Scott, Romina Chereele, $179,950.

3107 Boulevard; Colonial Sq. Associates Llc, to Uh Us Colonial Sq. 2021 Llc , 26250000.

514 Chestnut Av; Mcwhorter-Powers, Daryan Bryett to Tri Metropolis Investments Llc , $153,487.

323 Ivey Av; Butts, Christal S. to Grom, Charlotte A., $180,500.

3819 Orkney Rd; Mayes, Pamela Graves to Shaw, Thomas R., $205,000.

2012 Wakefield Av; Waldron, Micah to Bell, Jessica, $150,000.


2.763 acres; Donald Lee Transient to Aree Victoria Reinhardt, $150,000.

33 Hallik Lane, Cumberland; Rebecca Susan Loving to Jaime Nicole Travis, $184,000.


1.009 acres; Cynthia M. Harrison to Monica Gayle, $150,000.

22 acres; Jane H. Gates to Hugh S. Jones, $160,000.

10895 Asbury Road, McKenney; Tristen A. Bunch to Damon A. Bailey, $249,000.

4007 Chesdin Blvd., Sutherland; David R. Kurek to Christopher Jones, $215,000.

24809 Cox Road, North Dinwiddie; Enlightened Choices LLC to Liane Marie Lamoureaux, $219,000.

19804 Harris Drive, Sutherland; Luther T. Pierve to Rafal Wojciula, $600,000.

Lot 131, Half 6, Part 2, Waterford; KAG Properties LLC to Robert G. Coleman, $445,000.

Numerous parcels; Hilcrest Realty LLC to M&H Investments LLC, $1,700,000.

13404 Scotts Road, Dewitt; Jonathan Alan Davis to Makayla Fender, $203,000.

19626 Turkey Run Courtroom, Dinwiddie; Rock River Inc. to Rotesha Colbert, $362,413.


1.6 acres; Midlothian Enterprises Inc. to Goochland Place LLC, $265,000.

4 tons, 105.391 acres; Chris E. Beale, trustee to Jose P. Valdez-Ruiz, $490,000.

105 Birch Circle, Manakin Sabot; Kevin Brandt to Darlynn Patterson, $400,000.

4089 Cedar Plains Road, Sandy Hook; Eric R. O’Brien to Tara Blair, $225,000.

2 Dunaway Drive, Richmond; Grattan Smith to Anne L. O’Connor, $950,000.

3984 Helmut Lane, Goochland; Delta Deck Co. LLC to Patrick Hartzell, $447,792.

4090 Lake Killarney, Gum Spring; Kyeong Y. Kim-Park to Christoper Wyatt Robins, $300,000.

Lot 6, Block D, Venice Heights; Can Laz to Americas Dream LLC, $289,000.

1793 Maidens Road, Goochland; Standing Setting up Suppliers of Virginia LLC to Tonya Frances Cowling, $369,999.

15740 Mosaic Creek Blvd., Richmond; Schell Brothers Richmond LLC to Patrick D. Heaney, $691,924.

2265 Patrick Lane, Maidens; CMH Properties Inc. to Donald Maurice Coles, $342,193.

2953 Preston Park Courtroom, Sandy Hook; Chesterfield Growth Suppliers Inc. to Benjamin David Gregoire, $417,025.

3338 River Road, Goochland; Shirley L. Callihan to Richard Royce Baber, $275,000.

1170 Rock Fort Road, Goochland; India C. Pruitt, trusee to Lisa Bailie Dukarm, $875,000.

7215 Shenfield Ave., Glen Allen; Patricia H. Simpson to Gracie M. Barker, $552,000.

4369 Windsor Lake Drive, Louisa; Matthew A. McKean to Brian C. Jordan, $480,000.


307 S 14th St; Soel Alexander Guevara Gonzalez to Chanel D. Barnes, $190,000.

3507 Cobblestone Terrace; Torsten E. Peterson Jr., executor to William C. Wright Jr., $319,000.

3014 W Grant; William M. Andrews Jr. to Milisa L. Taylor, $180,000.

Heaps 43-47, Block 18, Half B, Appomattox Heights; Jacqueline Burnham Dean to Michael Rawlings Jr., $230,000.

808 Poythress St.; Marshall D. Hartless to Alexis Lee Anderson, $150,350.

1204 Surry Ave.; Craig J. Shornak to Angelica Ripley Woodhouse, $168,000.


10.1669 acres; Stonehouse Station LP to LCA Norge LP, 13,023,000.

105 Addingtons, Williamsburg; Robert R. Taylor to Harvey V. Gray, $583,500.

9403 Astilbe Lane, Toano; NVR Inc. to Rae Lynn Nettles, $361,205.

104 Astrid Lane, Williamsburg; Scott E. Nimmon to Donna L. Feller, $220,000.

5637 Boatwright Circle, Williamsburg; Rebekah L. Morrison to Virginia E. Jones, $310,500.

3392 Chickahominy Road, Toano; Allen J. Oliver to Yordanos T. Solomon, $255,000.

117 Crescent Drive, Williamsburg; Wayne Harbin Builder Inc. to Gerald A. Wolanzyk, $625,600.

156 Ensign John Utie, Williamsburg; David W. Griffin, trustee to William Dyke Mason, $1,600,000.

5405 Foundation St., Williamsburg; Denise Engler Weber to Richard D. Murdoch, $300,000.

3915 Guilford Lane, Williamsburg; KMP Funding Group LLC to Evan Okay. Gilpin, $540,000.

1178 Hitchens Lane, Williamsburg; Richmond Norge LLC to Richard I. Knox, $385,323.

125 Indian Circle, Williamsburg; 125 Indian Circle LLC to Brandon Taylor, $255,000.

100 John Bratton, Williamsburg; Roderick W. Shippey to Mark H. Overman, $710,000.

7 Jonathan Courtroom, Toano; Edward B. Cross Jr. to William Frances Wilbern Jr., $310,000.

123 Leeds, Williamsburg; Robert E.L. Eaton Jr., trustee to Thomas Metropolis Kelley, $476,000.

Lot 14, James Terrace; Nancy M. Crouse, trustee to Jose Trinidad Marentes Gallegos, $172,500.

Lot 50, Kingsmill on the James; Busch Properties Inc. to Yin Ling, $150,000.

6253 N Mayfair Circle, Williamsburg; James William Webster II to James Carl Wright, $425,000.

3621 Nelms Lane, Williamsburg; Katherine E. Gaylord to Steven Ryan Benecki, $339,000.

208 Par Drive, Williamsburg; Nancy Ernest Zelek to Barbara W. Brennan, $305,000.

3408 Pine Ridge Road, Toano; Arturo P. Luna to Jordan M. Bristow, $400,000.

129 Princeville, Williamsburg; Lonnie Thomas Duke Jr. to Paul A. Belvin, $835,000.

4700 Regents Park, Williamsburg; Kenneth Roberts Smith to David R. Trott, $375,000.

6403 Rockwell Road, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Terry Deane Foster, $491,090.

1403 Rustads Circle, Williamsburg; Charlotte M. Lorentson to Roger A. Langwell, $216,500.

115 Sir John Randolph Terrace, Williamsburg; Christina E. Gibson to Christopher Farrell, $425,000.

105 Sunningdale, Williamsburg; Nelia M. Lamoureaux, trustee to Victor A. Lessard, $805,000.

108 Thomas Brice, Williamsburg; Richard A. Kueser to Avery T. Waterman Jr., $685,000.

7621 Turlington Road, Toano; Rebekah Okay. Ryan to Benjamin C. Towers, $382,000.

832 Vail Ridge, Williamsburg; Kathryn E. Kellas to Daniel A. Molina, $256,470.

6540 Westbrook Drive, Williamsburg; U.S. Residence Corp. to Robert Virgil Dolson, $456,890.

4131 Whitley Terrace, Williamsburg; U.S. Residence Corp. to Albert Lee Lambert, $523,490.

6401 Yarmouth Run, Williamsburg; U.S. Residence Corp. to Zan Linn Cartwright, $348,890.


187.1 acres, Liberty Hall Road; Roberta D. Wrenn to Dragon Run Hall LLC, $369,900.

4.94 acres; Freddie L. White to Katherine Elizabeth Maloney, $275,000.

1305 Pea Ridge Road, Bruington; Adam C. Taylor to James E. Vencill, $279,000.


1 acre; Phillip Ryan Griffin, heir to Vito Gallina, $150,000.

58.23 acres; Judy S. Swamp HC, LLC to Judy S. Swamp HC, LLC, $175,000.

1260 Dorrell Road, Aylett; Thomas Joseph Coleman Jr. to India Lachelle Thornton, $198,000.

1954 Kennington Park Road, Aylett; Stylecraft Properties Inc. of Virginia to Brendan Thomas Hatfield, $240,365.

Heaps 1-5, 10 and 12, Block D, and Heaps 15-20, Block E, Half 2B, Central Crossing; Central Crossing LLC to HHHunt Properties LC, $875,000.

1201 Monquin Courtroom, Manquin; Steven M. Tearle to Dream D. Ryals, $255,000.

480 Spotswood Drive, West Degree; Carroll J. Sanders Jr. to Joseph L. Slaughter, $360,000.

11063 West River Road, Aylett; Jeffery Lee Pollard Jr. to Leah D. Whitaker, $230,000.


0.7112 acres; Margaret Elizabeth Ice to Kimbriddge House LLC, $171,000.

5600 Baylor Grove Courtroom, Windfall Forge; William A. McCarty, trustee to Joseph P. Rawson, $487,125.

6215 Bushnell Drive, New Kent; NK Properties LLC to James L. Mallon Jr., $473,832.

3521 Davis Glade Courtroom, Quinton; Ian M. Owen to Eric R. Baker, $390,000.

7885 Faisan Lane, New Kent; D.R. Horton Inc. to Tabitha Ann Westcott, $372,990.

301 4 Islands Path, Lanexa; Matthew T. Hall to Danielle Pinton, $1,000,000.

5677 Hogan Bridge Drive, Windfall Forge; Chase Kemper to William Bennet Austin Jr., $295,000.

Lot 24, Part 2, Landbay 4, Farms of New Kent; D.R. Horton Inc. to Floyd Linwood Allmond Jr., $392,990.

Heaps, Part 2, Landbay 4, Farms of New Kent; Kent Farms Holding Co. LLC to D.R. Horton Inc., $730,149.

6890 Oakfork Loop, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Jesse Stevens, $339,455.

Parcels; Amanda L. Pinarda to Residence Shoppers of America Inc., $164,000.

2400 Quaker Road, Quinton; Kenneth Roy Hicks to Clara Frye, $215,100.

5230 Roxbury Road, Windfall Forge; Brenda Teas Keck to Irvin Lee Burgess, $450,000.

14401 Stage Road, Lanexa; Gabor J. Tarjan to Linda Rodriguez, $385,000.

14459 Winding Grove, Lanexa; Clinton A. Rountree to Christian Waterman, $500,000.


234 Bartow Alley; Bartow Alley LLC to Rosalyn Ollivierra, $190,000.

131, 141, 151 and 161 Catalpa Courtroom; Berkeley Estates Holding Co. to NVR Inc., $230,000.

539 S Dunlop St.; Sigfredo Aguilar Martinez to Nesstor Cruz Delica Jr., $218,000.

615 Gilliam St.; Jonathan P. Reynolds to Terry Taylor, $150,000.

2032 Matoax Ave.; JR Property Consumers LLC to Seungil Suh, $250,000.

1617 S. Valor Drive; I&A Properties Inc. to Curtis Haskins, $195,000.


1 acre; Alan W. Conner to AMC Property Choices LLC, $200,000.

13.657 acres; Gary Denoon to Anna Marie McClung, $293,500.

4.003 acres; Blake Denny to Thomas H. Stewart Jr., $350,000.

5810 Anderson Freeway, Powhatan; Christopher T. Cox to Jimmie A. Norwood Jr., $625,500.

1612 Cedar Lane, Powhatan; Clinton R. Hoover to Joseph M. Gajewski, $282,000.

2755 Dorset Ridge Circle, Powhatan; Stephen C. Traupman to Richard S. King III, $424,900.

2046 Flint Hill Road, Powhatan; Perry D. Cline Jr. to Scott M. Dickerson, $266,500.

2875 Judes Ferry Road, Powhatan; Timbercreek Setting up and Design LLC to Darrell Gruenwald Archer, $365,000.

Lot 5, Half D, Sherwood; John Altieri to Jamie Martz, $350,000.

Lot M., Stavemille Estates, 11.3 acres; Tamara R. Anderson to Chad E. Gill, $300,000.

3502 Mill Mount Path, Powhatan; Clay Highway Builders LLC to Jonathan H. Grubbs, $900,000.

2377 Outdated Tavern Road, Powhatan; Jay Schake to Kevin L. Hale, $293,000.

3973 Resting Place, Powhatan; Jarrett Hendrix to Joyner Sero, $305,000.

5810 Trenholm Woods Drive, Powhatan; Ludwin A. Reyes to Joseph D. Spagnolo, $250,000.

1990 Walnut Tree Road, Powhatan; Edward Lewis III to Matthew William Kracke, $359,000.


1.5 acres; Louise B. Waller to Austin D. Klein, $164,900.

57.7 acres; Karey Lynn Kanak to Andrew Collins, $476,000.

9835 Cedar Lane, Disputanta; Sturt Personalized Builders Inc. to Scott Sergent, $330,000.

20440 Horseshoe Road, Carson; Zachary Brian Stoupa to Kevin S. Rosewood, $300,000.

Lot 1, Block 2, Half 2, Rivers Edge; Wendy Miller to E&B Realty LLC, $190,000.

17301 Loving Union Road, Disputanta; Matthew W. Scott to Jessica Minnicino, $305,000.

Parcel; RoyR. Williamson to Robert Dempsey, $325,000.

2701 Rosebud Courtroom, Prince George; David Josephson to Raymond Allen Petrisko Jr., $230,000.

13924 Teakwood Courtroom, Disputanta; Jordan Tyler Nugent to Gregory L. Barker, $275,000.


1.08 acres; Nelson Flores-Ramos to Elaine Bellina, $158,000.

23.16 acres; Marion L. Inexperienced to Thomas Lucas Vaughan, $425,000.

113 W Major St., Wakefield; Indmar Coatings Corp. to Kenneth Moseley, $306,000.


402 Beechwood Drive; James P. Kirkland to Gilberto Lopez, $465,000.

1550 Inexperienced Hill St.; HHHunt Properties Hampton Roads LLC to Elizabeth Marie Scott, $397,590.

1184 Jamestown Road, Unit 10; Ronald H. Rosenberg to Cleyardis Yilmaz, $172,000.

Parcel; 351 York Highway LLC to Swaminarayan LLC, $3,500,000.

Residual parcel, Quarterpath; LTK Investments LLC to Virginia Greens Retirement Neighborhood LLC, $335,800.