How to Get Away with Rape, Porn, and Child Porn in Sweden

Swedish police have launched an investigation into whether sexual images and videos posted on the internet are being illegally distributed and sold on social media.

According to the police, the investigation was launched after the release of a video depicting a rape and sexual assault in Stockholm.

“It has been established that the contents of the video have been posted on social networks without the consent of the victims,” police spokesman Lars Lappstedt told reporters on Tuesday.

The video, filmed in a public place and uploaded to the website rychtv, shows two men, one wearing a mask, the other in full clothes, assaulting the victim.

“We are conducting a joint investigation with our counterparts in the other Nordic countries to determine whether these images have been used for sexual exploitation,” Lappstad said.

“The videos are circulating on the Internet and have been shared on social networking sites, including Facebook.”

Police have not yet established a motive for the attack.

Police say the video has attracted a large number of viewers and is now being used to spread false rumours about rape.

A spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office told Swedish news agency TT that the prosecutor had opened a preliminary investigation into the matter and will decide if there is enough evidence to charge the two men.

“A preliminary investigation is under way and we are awaiting the results of the preliminary investigation before deciding whether there is sufficient evidence to pursue criminal proceedings,” the spokesperson said.