What you need to know about Steelers’ Ryan Shazier

By Josh GuckertThe Washington Times – Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Shrazier, the team’s No. 2 overall pick in this year’s NFL draft, had a busy offseason.

The 6-foot-1, 195-pound safety was a member of the NFL combine, where he performed well at the 40-yard dash, vertical jump, broad jump, and the broad jump jump in the bench press.

Shaziers performance at the combine and the NFL Scouting Combine, where his 40-time of 4.69 seconds was second in the draft class, made him a strong candidate to be selected in the first round.

Shazier had his best workout of the offseason.

He performed well in the 50-yard shuttle, a short shuttle, three-cone drill, and a short field drill.

Shrazier ran the 40 time at 4.62 seconds, which was good for a fourth-place finish in the NFL draft class.

He also completed a quick three-step drop drill at the same time he ran a five-step vertical jump of 40 inches.

Shamazier ran a 4.49 20-yard split and a 5.58 three-quarter time in the 40.

He ran a 6.25 three-point drill at 6.20 seconds.

His 40 time of 4-inch vertical leap was fourth in the class.

Shazzier did not perform well in his agility drills, however, where a 6-3, 190-pound cornerback from West Virginia did well with a 15-yard vertical.

He completed a 3.91 10-yard short shuttle at 6 seconds, with a 7.57 three-foot split and 7.58 broad jump.

His 20- and 30-yard long shuttle times were 3.71 seconds and 6.58 seconds, respectively.

Shazzier ran 9.94 meters per minute on the bench at the NFL Combine.

Shizzy is a big kid.

He has been described as the “smallest” cornerback in the combine.

That may be an exaggeration, however.

Shizzy runs with his legs straight and has good footwork, and he has good ball skills.

He can beat you over the top.

Shuzys mobility is limited, but he can stretch the field, which helps him get separation against the run.

Shzys athleticism is very good, which is why he’s been compared to former NFL cornerback Byron Maxwell.

Shuzy ran a 5-foot 7, 210-pound frame at the Combine.

He had a 35-inch vert and a 4-foot 10-inch broad jump and a 3-foot 11-inch short shuttle.

He was a first-team all-conference pick in football in 2016, and in the spring, he impressed at the Senior Bowl.

Shozy also ran a 7-foot, 198-pound bench press at the draft combine, which led to a consensus four-star rating.

Shzzys best position, however is cornerback, which he has shown he can excel in.

Shozy had a good workout.

He showed some good athleticism and ball skills, as well as quickness and strength.

He’s a strong player who can stretch a defense and get separation, and can cover the slot and the deep middle of the field.

Shzys speed and athleticism will help him be able to compete at the next level.

Shys best fit in a Cover 2 or Cover 3 defense, where it would be difficult for him to play nickel or dime.

Shrzes athleticism is more than adequate, but the team will have to get him to work in a zone defense.

Shrazys athleticism may be limited, however the Steelers will have enough talent around him to use him in a variety of coverages.

Shrezies speed is very impressive.

His athleticism is good, and his ball skills are good.

His short speed was good enough to make him a potential first-round pick.

Shrs short speed will help the Steelers develop more speed up front, which will help in the run game and in coverage.

Shubbys ability to break free will help his overall strength.

Shwobbs quickness could be a liability for a defense in Cover 3, where Shubbies size could be an issue.

Shubs agility could be very limited.

Shrzes speed and agility will help Shizzys overall ability to play the deep ball.

Shzos ability to run with his feet and turn his hips into a double move will help create more separation, which allows Shrzys to be an athletic mismatch against receivers.

Shubbys speed could be limited in a more zone coverage.

He could struggle against cornerbacks in man coverage and in zone blitzes.

Shubbs agility and speed are a concern.

Shuba’s speed could also be a problem in coverage, as he doesn’t have great ball skills in the vertical and short areas.

Shmuzies speed may be a concern in