Which fighting game will take home the biggest prize?

In its annual list of the top 100 fighting game companies, Delphi has topped the list for the fourth consecutive year with the game Factory Five taking home the largest amount of cash at $9.3 million.

The annual ranking is based on revenue, market share, units sold and units sold per day.

The game Factory 5 is in first place with $2.5 million in cash and in second place with a total of 3,500 units sold.

The total sales of the game Total Recall and Total War: Shogun 2 are tied for third place with 2,200 units sold each.

The company has been a strong performer for the past year, posting a net profit of $6.3m, which was also more than twice the $4.7m it reported in the same period last year.

The next closest competitor in the top 10 is Gaijin Entertainment, which has a total sales total of $1.8m and a net loss of $3.5m in the fiscal year ending March 31.

In fourth place, Delphic Games, the makers of Total Recall, has a sales total that is $1m, and a loss of about $1 million.

In seventh place, Take-Two Interactive, which made Grand Theft Auto V, Battlefield 4 and NBA 2K17, has 2,100 units sold for a net income of $2m.

Its revenue came to $3m and its net loss came to about $4m.

Take-Home Interactive, a subsidiary of Take-2 Interactive, posted a net $1,300m profit and a $3 million loss in the period.

In the bottom ten, a number of smaller developers including Pogo Games, G-Force, and Supergiant Games have fallen behind in the rankings, but that does not mean they are in trouble.

The games that make the cut for this year’s rankings are also well-represented.

Take a look at the full list of companies that are in the list below: Top 10 Companies List: Top 100 Fighting Game Companies, 2012 Rank Company Sales Units Sold Units Sold per Day Units Sold Per Day Total Recall $1million $2,200,000 $3,000,000 3,200 Total Recall 2.5million $1 – $3million $6,3,500 1,000 Total Recall Shogun 2 1million $3 – $4million $4,7,000 1,600 Supergiants Total Recall 1million$4 – $6million $7,6,800 1,800 Total Recall Total Recall 3million $9 – $11million $12,7 – 3,900 The number of games listed is the sum of the units sold by the listed company.

In order to be included in the ranking, a game has to be on the Top 100 list at least three times, which means that the company has to sell at least 3 million units to make the ranking.

The Top 100 lists are not the top ten companies in the world, but they are among the top 30 in terms of revenue, profit and market share.

The number that makes the cut in the Top 10 list is determined by sales figures.

The companies that make it to the Top 20 list do so based on sales numbers.

For example, Gaijins Total Recall was in the second position in 2012 and its sales were up about 10% in 2012.

TakeTwo Interactive had a net net loss in 2012, which is not bad, but the company had a total profit of just $1bn.

The last big player in the chart was Take-Three Interactive, who came in sixth place last year, with $3bn in sales and a profit of about a third of what its competitors made.

Take2 Interactive has not been doing as well since then.

In 2012, the company posted a $2bn loss, but its losses were down 20% from the year before.

In 2013, it posted a negative $2 billion profit, which will have to improve next year.

TakeHome Interactive posted a loss in 2013 of $5.5bn, which again means it has to improve this year to make a break.

As always, we will be watching closely to see how the game industry fares in the coming months.

Source: The Games Company