“I can’t stop laughing” at the ‘fake news’ media

A lot of people are laughing right now.

You know, like this reporter.

She’s the best.

A lot.

But we all know she’s just a regular person with a job and a job at the news organization.

The New York Times has her back.

And she’s still writing for the Times.

The Washington Post has her on its team.

The Wall Street Journal has her at the helm.

And, yes, you know, she has her own website.

But you know what?

She’s doing the right thing.

She is doing the truth.

She has been called the greatest journalist in American history.

I’m not kidding.

Her job is to tell the truth, and she is doing just that.

And when I look at this fake news and all of the stories that have been generated and spread by it, it’s almost unbearable.

Because when you look at these fake news stories, the story lines are all wrong.

And if you really want to know what is really happening, you have to know exactly what is happening.

You have to really know what it is that’s happening.

And what I do know is that the people who are writing these fake stories are not just hurting people.

They are hurting our country.

You’ve got to understand, people are angry.

People are upset.

They want to have their voices heard.

And they are trying to do it by reporting the facts.

And so, the people on the front lines of that reporting are not laughing when I say that.

They’re screaming.

They can’t take it anymore.

They’ve been so abused by the fake news that they can’t even talk to the people that are doing the reporting.

They don’t know how to talk to people that actually are telling the truth about what’s happening, and they have no idea what to do when they have to.

And then, as a result, we’re seeing the kinds of violence that I saw in Charlottesville.

We’ve had so many people killed.

We had the police killed.

And yet, people continue to be killed.

Because people are afraid to speak out.

Because they can never get the real stories to come out.

The people who wrote these stories were so afraid of their own lives and their families and their futures that they were scared to even try to tell them the truth when it comes to what was going on.

So when we see these people trying to lie about the events that were going on, we see the truth is being suppressed.

And that is not acceptable.

It is absolutely unacceptable.

And we’re going to do everything in our power to stop it.

It’s up to us to do that.

I know it’s hard to believe, but you know it is.

The truth is out there, and it’s not going to go away.

So, I can’t help but be frustrated by the lies that have come out about what was happening in Charlottesville over the last several days.

I can tell you this, though, people that were not there are still dying.

And it’s a very sad thing to see.

We have to be very clear on this: We have an enormous amount of work to do in order to heal the wounds of this horrible incident.

But the fact that the left-wing media continues to create fake news is a serious problem, because this fake-news media will continue to spread falsehoods to distract from the real problems that we have in our country right now, the biggest of which is racism, bigotry and hatred and the hatred of all Americans.

And the truth will be revealed.

And once it does, then it will be the truth that we need to get rid of the fake-sources, fake-trends, fake stories and fake news, the fake facts and fake stories.

And I know that the real news, like the real people and real jobs and real communities, will win out over the fake media and fake-alternative facts and alternative narratives.

I think that’s a good thing.

I also know that we will win.

And our country will be saved.

It will win in the end.

It won’t be just the fake headlines.

And this is a victory for our country, not just for the fake journalists.

It really is a triumph for the people of America.

And for all of our wonderful, brave, courageous Americans.

We love you.

Thank you.

And God bless you all.