How to avoid the stigma of having a female captain

Soccer community is a big thing, so why not have a female soccer captain?

The ladies are not only the main attraction in the world of female soccer, they are also the most important people in the club. 

In fact, the team’s current captain is none other than the very first female captain of the national team. 

Natalie Meehan is the head coach of the US women’s national team and a former captain of England’s national soccer team.

It is an honor and a privilege to lead this team.

And so, Natalie Meehm is leading this team through the most challenging times, while being a dedicated woman who cares deeply about the success of the team and the women who are part of it.

She was a soccer mom for a long time, but she grew up with her two daughters in a house with a lot of boys.

She said she wanted to be a professional soccer player so she could be a mom to all her children.

“It’s been a big deal to me that I’m a woman in a professional sports league and I’m doing the same thing,” Meehn said.

As a coach, Meehans role is to take care of the girls on the team, but also to take some care of herself.

Meehs goal is to be the first woman to lead a professional team in the US and she does everything she can to keep it that way.

I don’t want to be known as the first female coach, or the first American soccer mom, or even the first coach of an MLS team, Mees role is, “I’m here to help my kids grow into the best they can be.” 

What’s more, MEEHANS role on the national soccer squad is also one of a sort. 

She is not a soccer player. 

Instead, Mefs role is that of a mother, a role she takes very seriously. 

“I don.t think you should be a woman who doesn’t care about her kids and how she can help them grow up better and better,” Mefhan said.

“But I think the women I have worked with have always given me the confidence that they are going to be great moms.”

In her first season on the US soccer team, the US won two games in a row and reached the semifinals of the CONCACAF Champions League.

It was a remarkable feat.

The US went to Brazil and the US beat Colombia in the group stage.

In the group, Mufs team defeated Mexico 3-1 and Costa Rica 3-0 to advance to the quarterfinals. 

As the US began to dominate the CONCAMOUSLY, Mafs team was able to secure a spot in the semifinals against Brazil. 

After beating Mexico and Costa Rico, Mooes team won the quarterfinal against Mexico and then a tie against Germany. 

The US lost that game to Germany in the final. 

Meehan said the team has never been in the quarter finals before and the last time they were in the same quarterfinal they were eliminated. 

What she did was not just take care to keep her team playing well and the best she could.

She had to make sure the players were mentally strong and emotionally strong. 

There are things she learned along the way, Miehans biggest lesson was about not just being the head of the club but also as the coach. 

This past season, the Americans advanced to the semifinals. 

With all the attention surrounding Meeham and MeeHans team, there was a lot about her role that is unique.

Meehm said the role of a soccer coach is one of the hardest things she has to deal with because it is the biggest responsibility of any professional soccer coach.

When she was a mom, she learned about how hard it was to get kids into soccer.

She also learned about the importance of discipline and hard work. 

Being a coach has never taken the stress away from me, Maehn said, and it has been the reason she has been able to excel as a coach.

She has learned how to focus on a single goal, which is her family. 

That is one reason she is the best female coach in the country.

“I do everything that I can to take full responsibility for the success or failure of the players,” Maehans coach said. 

You can follow her on Twitter: @NatalieMeehhan.