Why can’t the government use the GST to cover a lot of stuff?

The Government has promised to introduce a national sales tax for goods and services, but that hasn’t happened yet, leaving people without a way to pay for everything they want.

The GST is the country’s biggest and most widely used sales tax, but it doesn’t cover everything that comes to the door, like petrol and clothing.

The government has said that by 2020, it wants to have a national sale tax for all goods and most services, including the GST.

But the idea hasn’t gained traction among the public and politicians alike.

In fact, it hasn’t even been discussed in Parliament, because it doesn�t seem to be a priority for many MPs.

What the Government needs to do is find a way of covering the vast majority of goods and service prices without having to rely on the GST, a spokesman for Prime Minister John Key said on Friday.

That�s because it�s not a simple tax to implement, Mr Key said.

There are a lot more ways of paying for services and goods than simply the GST is.

That�ll require a number of changes to our taxation system, but the key point is it’s going to be more effective.

The Government is looking at ways of covering services and prices without the GST but it�ll take more than just the GST and the way of paying.

It�s looking at different ways of doing it, Mr Keating said.

The spokesman said the Government is also looking at whether to introduce an Alternative Minimum Tax.

But the proposal hasn�t yet been approved.

A lot of Australians already pay the GST for things that don�t come with a tax, and people will probably keep doing that, the spokesman said.

But he added that the Government doesn�s goal is to have all Australians paying at least a minimum amount of tax, including for services, like gas.

It is also concerned that some people would end up paying more than they would have under the existing GST system, which is also unpopular.

The issue has been on the front burner since the Federal Budget, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Treasurer Scott Morrison saying they would make the GST work by increasing the GST rate to 25 per cent.

Mr Keating wouldn�t comment on whether the Government would increase the GST rates to help cover the costs of the sales tax.

He also wouldn�ll say whether there were any other changes to the way the GST was paid, including changing the way that goods are assessed and how they are taxed.