How to be a Hulk Hogan fan and keep your ego out of the ring

How to make a Hulk-centric site?

Here’s how to keep your own ego out the ring.1.

Create a site with no rules.

The only rules are yours, not the rest of the site.2.

Don’t have a personalised content.

Don.t. have your own personalised newsfeed, newsfeed widgets, blog posts, or a personal homepage.3.

Use an RSS reader.

RSS readers will always get your content into the RSS feed.

You’ll also need a way to update the feed.4.

Don,t be afraid to go in a totally different direction.

There’s no need to compromise your own integrity and standards of excellence.

You could make a completely different website.5.

Have your own, unique, personalised website.

Do not copy anything else.

Your personalisation is key.6.

Don´t be like the others.

Be different.

You will be the one who has to change your approach.7.

Make sure your site is not spammy.

Donn’t allow yourself to be influenced by other sites or forums.8.

Use the best-of-breed templates.

They’ll help your visitors find the content they want.9.

Get out of your comfort zone.

Donnen’t be afraid of new ideas.

Get used to using the same tools and techniques for different things.10.

Keep your focus on the content.

Keep making the best content.11.

Don`t be too afraid to challenge yourself.

You won´t know if you succeed until you do.