How does Google Drive work?

A recent blog post from Google said that it’s working on an update to the Google Drive app.

The blog post, titled “Fixing a bug that could break Drive for iOS”, also said that there was an upcoming update for the Google Apps app, which includes some bug fixes and tweaks.

“Google Drive for iPhone is currently undergoing an update that will resolve some issues that could cause crashes when using Drive on iOS devices,” Google said.

“If you’re having problems with the Google Play Store app, you should try installing this update and let us know if you run into any issues.

We’ll work to provide a full update to Drive for all iOS users in the near future.”

But the issue still remains with the iPhone app.

Apple has been pushing a new version of the GoogleDrive app since the fall, so if you have the GoogleApps app, then you should be able to access Drive using the new version.

It’s worth noting that GoogleDrive for iOS is now free, but there is a paid version of GoogleDrive that includes an Android client and is available for iOS users.