Watch the game on PS4 and Xbox One

FourFourSeconds title Watch Destiny on PSVR article FourFiveSixth article Watch Destiny and Overwatch on PS VR article FourSixthSeventh article Destiny is finally on PS 4, Xbox One and PC. 

Watch it here. 

 Destiny has always been a PlayStation exclusive, and the developer confirmed that it will be coming to all three platforms in 2019. 

This is a PS4 exclusive for now, and Overwatch is coming to Xbox One. 

The Overwatch demo will be available for PS4, Xbox and PC, but we’re not sure how much of an advantage it has over the rest of the titles. 

Watch Destiny is the first of a few Destiny games to make it onto the PS VR, with the next two being the new Rise of Iron and Rise of Rise of Oriath. 

Both are VR experiences and both have a focus on cooperative play. 

You’ll also be able to see some of the world map in VR on both platforms, but the VR experience is not going to be as immersive as the PS4 version. 

But you can still look around the world, see your friends and take part in multiplayer matches. 

These new titles will be made available to all PlayStation 4 owners as well as Xbox One owners later this month. 

As for Overwatch, there will be a special bundle of content for PSVR owners that includes the Destiny demo, Rise of Lycanthropy and Rise Of Lycanthrope. 

It’s a great way to show off your PS4 or Xbox One skills and will be the first time you’ll be able play a multiplayer match on a VR platform. 

We’re still not sure when Destiny will be released for PS VR on PC, though we’ve seen the game launch on PC on the first day of the holiday season, so it could be coming in the near future. 

There’s no confirmation on when the Destiny VR experience will launch, but if it is coming, we would expect it sometime in the next few months. 

Check out the official Destiny page for the latest news.