Posted by The Washington Times on Thursday, September 19, 2018 06:16:07A new film, the first of the new trilogy to hit theaters, has been delayed from its October 4 release date by two weeks.

The film, titled The Last of Us, was originally slated to hit the big screen on November 16, 2019.

However, it now has to be released on December 31.

The film’s story centers on a young woman who discovers that her parents’ love of cinema has affected their relationship, and that their death has left her devastated.

The trailer for the film, released earlier this month, showed Joel and Ellie struggling to live in a world where the two people they love are no longer alive.

“It’s a really, really complicated film,” said David F. Walker, president of Lionsgate Pictures.

“We wanted to make sure that we did the right thing.”

The movie’s director, Neil Druckmann, has described the story of The Last Of Us as “an allegory for the way that human beings can experience loss.”

In the trailer, Joel (played by Sam Heughan) and Ellie (Amy Poehler) are seen walking down a dark street and into a house where they find themselves in a small room.

The two are separated by a window and locked in a cell.

The trailer then shows the two playing a video game, in which Joel and his partner, Thea (Natalie Portman), play as a family, which they call “The Family,” in which they share a home.

The game asks Joel and Thea to find and destroy a house that has been “bought” by the family of the deceased.

The family has been searching for the missing children.

The Last of Me also stars Idris Elba, who plays Joel’s brother, Joel, and Liam Hemsworth, who portrays Thea’s father.

The last movie was directed by Druckmans longtime collaborator and fellow filmmaker, Christopher McQuarrie.