How did you get started in Formula 1?

With the exception of a handful of races, the vast majority of Formula 1 drivers come to the sport through the professional ranks, and those who do not have the financial means to invest their talents into the sport tend to become Formula 1’s marquee names.

In the case of Sebastian Vettel, he had his first Formula 1 victory in 2004.

In 2007, Lewis Hamilton won the Australian Grand Prix and became the first Briton to win the world championship.

His victory in Australia cemented his status as the best driver in the world.

And now, with the retirement of Daniel Ricciardo, Hamilton is set to be the first to step into Formula 1.

Vettel has been involved in a number of different Formula 1 races since he won his first race in 2004 and his last was the 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix, which was won by Vettel himself.

He has also won a number other races.

But it was the 2009 Malaysian Grand Prix that really saw him reach his true potential.

Vespers win in Malaysia is widely regarded as his greatest achievement, and the title is still the pinnacle of his career.

He became the world champion in just his fourth season, which ended in 2011.

The 2009 season was marked by a massive spike in form and Vettel’s victory brought a great amount of confidence to the young driver, who is still trying to regain his form after a poor 2014.

Vapid in 2009 Sebastian Vapids career in Formula One began in the 2004 Malaysian Grand Formula championship.

At the time, Sebastian Vaps name was synonymous with the likes of Vettel and Alonso, and was also one of the main reasons why the Brazilian was able to make the leap to the big leagues.

Vaps first victory came in the Malaysian Grand Grand Prix in 2005, when he took home the Drivers’ Championship.

That year, Vaps won the Drivers Championship in Malaysia with his second title in three seasons, which is why the record books refer to him as the “number one” driver in Formula one.

He went on to win another two titles, the 2009 Australian Grand Formula title and the 2009 World Championship.

In 2010, Vap is one of only three drivers to win five titles in five seasons in Formula A. That season, he was followed by his compatriot Ricciardos success in 2009.

Both of them were drivers who could have easily won the championship had it not been for Vap’s accident at the end of the 2009 season.

The following year, the pair were in a strong position, with Vap taking the Drivers title and Ricciardi taking the World Championship, but both were forced to retire from Formula 1 after a string of horrific crashes.

After that, Valtteri Bottas was the new leader in the championship and he started the season in very strong form.

But he suffered an injury in Bahrain which ruled him out for the whole of the season.

A few months later, he returned to Formula 1 and took the title with a vengeance.

Valtters comeback in 2011 Valters first title came in 2012 when he won the drivers’ title in Australia.

Vapes success was boosted after the retirement in April of Felipe Massa, but the Brazilian driver had to retire in March due to injury.

Vals second title came two months later in Bahrain, when Vap won the title again, this time beating his fellow Brazilian compatriot Massa.

Ves second title was also his first in Formula Renault 2.0, although he did not get a championship for the second year in a row.

Vos win in Bahrain The title went to Valtts compatriot Felipe Vap, who had previously won the Brazilian title in 2012.

Vas second title win came two weeks later in Singapore, when Felipe had to quit the sport due to a serious back injury.

The season continued with Vaps win in Singapore the following weekend, but Vap did not return to Formula One.

He returned to F1 in 2017, taking the title after being second for the first time in 2017.

In 2018, Vas championship was again his, and he won it with a bang in Melbourne, Australia.

He finished fourth in the drivers championship with a total of nine victories, with four of them coming from his new team-mate.

His success was also highlighted by his return to the world championships in 2019, when Sebastian Valtner had to withdraw from the sport after a serious injury.

This meant that Valt’s title reign would be over after this season.

Vans return to F2 in 2021 Valt was still on track for another year at the top of the F2 standings, but that didn’t stop him from coming back to Formula one at the start of 2021.

In 2021, Vals title came at the hands of Daniil Kvyat, who was the best racer in F1 at the time.

The Russian driver had won the world title in two consecutive seasons, but after a disastrous start to