Tesla unveils first fully electric car, Tesla Model 3 preview

Tesla has revealed the first fully-electric car from its forthcoming Model 3.

The car will be made by Tesla’s Fremont, California, assembly plant, and will be priced around $100,000.

The vehicle will be built using a number of advanced technologies including a carbon fibre body and a new design of the electric motor.

“This is an important milestone in Tesla’s history, and I’m incredibly excited to have the opportunity to lead this team to build a truly electric vehicle for the US market,” Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said in a statement.

Tesla’s Model 3 will be the first car to be built at the Fremont factory.

The company also announced it would be making its first electric vehicle in 2021.

Tesla is also making an electric version of its flagship Model S sedan.

The Model 3 and Model S will be powered by Tesla Motors’ battery pack, and the latter will be capable of driving up to 100km/h in urban traffic.

Musk said Tesla will be offering a price tag of around $130,000 for the Model 3, a fraction of the luxury sedan’s $180,000 sticker price.

Tesla has been working on a car since 2006, and since then, it has launched several different electric models.

The latest electric vehicle, the Model S, is now in production.

Musk also said that Tesla will not be selling cars at the show, and instead, will be focusing on the Model X.