How to get rid of the yellow bullet?

A lot of us have been told by our husbands or wives that they can get rid the yellow bullets that appear when a woman is getting out of a relationship.

They don’t have to worry about them anymore.

But there is another solution to the yellow arrows, and it is a very controversial one.

You can get it out of the equation if you use the following steps.


Find a good sex therapist.


Get your spouse to go to the gym.


Take her for a walk in the park.


Do it again.




Repeat until she is gone.


Repeat for several years.


Repeat and repeat.


Repeat again and again.

The solution?

I have come up with the following:1.

Get rid of yellow bullets.2.

Use sex toys to help prevent yellow arrows3.

Have sex in the shower4.

Have a good time and be a great husband and wife.

Here are the steps:1) Find a sex therapist2) Ask your sex therapist about her yellow bullet prevention techniques.3) Ask her if she knows of any sex toys that prevent yellow bullets4) Go to the sex therapist’s office and ask her to explain yellow bullet methods5) Get her to use one of the sex toys listed in my yellow bullet tips6) Have sex again and repeat until she does it again (you may have to go several times, but it should be effective).7) Repeat until you do it.8) Repeat and keep doing it.9) Repeat.

You can also use a vibrator to get the yellow arrow out of your system.

The only downside to this method is that you might have to take a couple of years to get used to the idea, but you will be able to feel your sexual energy increase if you do.