Hoseheads for the Galaxy II title “It’s just not a great look”

Posted September 16, 2018 08:09:54It’s hard to imagine the first look of a team that is trying to do everything with the same standard of detail as the Galaxy I. But with the exception of the new faceplate, the only other noticeable differences are the black and white stripes that extend from the sides of the helmet, as well as the distinctive design of the “goggles” and “glasses”.

The most obvious difference is the lack of any visible stitching on the helmet’s visor.

The rest of the details are the same, such as the black stripes that run down the sides and back of the visor, the reflective visor and the new black stripe on the sides that runs along the top edge of the hood.

The helmet also has a new rear-facing visor that extends to the back of each ear.

The Galaxy II helmet also appears to be a bit lighter than the Galaxy III helmet, which is a good thing considering the new Galaxy II has a slightly heavier and more robust design.

The new Galaxy III also has the same new black visor as the previous one.

We don’t have any word on how much of the material that was used on the Galaxy X is still in the helmet.

We also haven’t heard anything about the new visor visor yet, but we’re hoping to get a look at it in the near future.

The Galaxy II also has an all-new black helmet that features a completely new design, although the design is still quite similar to the Galaxy 3.

The visor is also different in that it’s a single piece of plastic, rather than the metal visor seen on the previous model.

There are also some interesting details that are only now beginning to surface.

For starters, the helmet is much more “slim”, with a much more streamlined design.

It’s also much lighter than before, with a lighter and more rigid look.

The entire helmet is made of aluminum, and the only visible differences are a lighter design on the visors, and a smaller “bump” that protrudes from the helmet back.