Why are West Ham not going anywhere?

A group of West Ham fans has taken to the internet to vent their frustration after the club failed to win a home league game since August.

The Hammers’ current five-match winning streak has been snapped by a 4-0 defeat by Newcastle on Sunday, and the latest setback came as the club’s fans waited for a final whistle.

However, the club have not been the only club struggling to maintain the form they displayed in August.

Reports in Germany, Austria and France suggest that West Ham have already been beaten twice this season by the same opposition.

While the Hammers are now only one point off the top four in the Premier League, the pressure is now on to see off Newcastle on Saturday.

West Ham have won just two games in the league this season, with their only victory coming in a 3-0 win over Tottenham in the FA Cup on August 17.

“I think we’re only one away from a title, but we have to win three games to go,” said one Hammers fan on the club forum.

“We have to go to the top, but it’s a long way off.”

Our fans have been waiting for this for a long time, but now it’s about getting them a trophy and a trophy trophy for the fans.

“It’s not easy to win when we are losing.

We are playing really well and we are just not good enough yet.”

The club also posted on its Twitter account on Sunday that it would be looking to play a “different style” of football this season.

“In the last two years we have changed the style of football, the tactics, the approach.

We can’t just say ‘we have to play that way’ because there is a lot of different players in the team, and you have to be able to play in a different way,” West Ham’s coach Sam Allardyce said.”

There are different players and different teams, so I think we need to change our style and we have the opportunity to do that.”

You can’t win the Premier Leagues and the Championship in the same way, because the way we play, the way the players play is different, it’s different when we get to the last 16, and it’s not the same when you lose.