How to use a telescope to look at the sky in the UK

Posted August 15, 2018 08:59:24This is a story that’s only getting bigger.

As the UK prepares to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, many are wondering what it will be like to look up at the heavens.

But in order to get a clearer idea, we spoke to astrophysicist Paul Davenport, who is helping to develop a new telescope that can use your smartphone to take in all the stars in the sky.

Paul is one of a handful of scientists and astronomers who have developed a new system that can make the telescope look like an actual telescope.

It uses lasers and optics to magnify images of the night sky.

This telescope will use two separate lenses that focus on a different wavelength, allowing the telescope to focus on different things.

It will be able to see the night side of the Milky Way at 400 metres.

In the US, we already have a few projects on the horizon to make this kind of technology available.

But Paul said he’s not looking at this project just as a way to look down into the night skies.

He’s focused on creating a telescope that will be more like a telescope than an instrument, which means that it’s designed to look like a smartphone.

He said it will make the experience of looking up to the sky a lot more enjoyable.

“We’re using a technique called super-position imaging,” he said.

“The telescope will focus on the centre of the galaxy at 400 meters.

This is where most of the stars are, so it’s going to be like looking at a star map.”

If you look up through the telescope, you’ll see the stars, but you’ll also see something you can’t see.

“Paul says the technique will give us a much better understanding of how the stars look at different wavelengths.”

Because the telescope is looking through two different lenses, we can look at light coming from the stars at different distances.

So, we’re seeing different colours and shapes, and that gives us a better idea of how those colours and sizes are changing.

“It gives us the ability to look for stars and planets that we’ve missed.”

We’re hoping that this telescope will give astronomers around the world an idea of what it’s like to be able take pictures of the skies from a smartphone, with the full scope of the sky being visible.

But even though this telescope is only in the prototype stage, Paul said it has already made a big difference to his life.

“My life’s been transformed,” he says.

“I’m much more motivated than I was before because I know that the telescope will be here and I can see the sky with my eyes.”