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The world is now more interconnected than ever before, and there are a lot of movie and TV forums to be found online.

With that in mind, we looked at some of the biggest names in film forums to get an idea of where you can find the most relevant news, reviews, and community support.

The results of our research are below.

Read our full coverage of the movie industry here:Movie News & Reviews:CBP Cinema Blog (4th Oct):CBP’s Cinema Blog is the most popular and authoritative online film forum, and is home to a vast array of content.

Its content covers everything from film reviews, trailers, interviews, and interviews with stars and directors, to forum discussions about specific topics.

Its the go-to place for fans to discuss everything from films to merchandise, and can be found on both desktop and mobile devices.CBP Film Blog (9th Oct)CBP has been around since 2010, and has grown to be the most active forum for film lovers in the industry.

It is the home to the Cineplex Cinema Blog, the official CinePlex forum for the film industry, and the home of Cinema Movie Reviews. is the online destination for film fans and movie industry insiders, and features the Cinemania Awards and the Cinema Movie Review Awards, as well as the Cinerama Podcast.

Cinema News & Updates (12th Oct: 9th Oct, 9th Nov, 10th Nov):The Cinema News & Update forum is one of the most widely-used forums on the web.

With hundreds of articles posted daily, its one of our favourite places to read news, and a forum to keep up to date with what’s happening in the film and TV industry.

The Cinema News and Update forum has a wide variety of topics and content, including the biggest movies of the year, movie releases, interviews and more.

Cinemosophy Blog (24th Oct to 31st Oct):The Cultivate Cinemas blog is a site for film and television fans and the industry’s most influential film bloggers.

The site has the most diverse content on the Internet, and includes reviews, interviews with top directors and actors, interviews about new films, film posters, and more, with the site featuring over 30,000 films in its archives.

Cinephilia has been running since 2005 and has become one of Cinema’s biggest, most well-known film blogs.

Cinephiles Blog (1st Nov)The Cinephil forums are the go to place for film enthusiasts, as the forums are home to one of CinePhiles biggest sources of film news and reviews.

The forums features news from the industry, as film news, movies, trailers and more is delivered daily to subscribers.

The CinePhil forums have a massive archive of film reviews and films, as readers can browse through thousands of films, and share their opinions and feedback with the filmmakers and studios that have released their films.

Cinetopia (9 Feb 2019 to 25 Feb 2019):The Cinetopia forums are one of Australia’s most popular film forums, and are the home for fans of all kinds of film and technology.

Cinetapedia is the largest and most popular CinePlanet forum, with over 30.000 films and more than 2,500 films from more than 50 countries available for viewing.

Citadel Cinemas Blog (18 Feb 2019: 21 Feb 2019)The Citadel Cinemases is a forum for fans and film industry insiders alike.

The forum is home for discussions about films from around the world, as it is the official site for the Australian Cinema Industry.

The Citadel Cinema Blog has a massive collection of films and film related news and content from around Australia, with many more films coming to the site regularly.

Citi Film Forum (20 Jan 2019):Citi is the world’s largest movie and television forum, featuring a huge range of content covering the industry from film interviews and reviews to movie posters and posters from international and independent filmmakers.

It has a large collection of film articles, trailers as well, with articles about the industry growing in popularity.

Citi also has a huge database of the best films from the past and the future of cinema.

Cintrais is the site of Cinema Movies, a daily film review forum.

Ciclops Forums (23 Jan 2019 to 28 Jan 2019)Ciclosophy is one the largest film and entertainment forums in the world.

The Ciclops forums feature articles from the top critics and filmmakers, and offers both an extensive database of films to browse through, and extensive discussions on film, television, and film-related topics.

Cid Cinemas Forum (25 Jan 2019: 1 Feb 2019).

Cid is the premier forum for cinema enthusiasts, with more than 10,000