A ‘gutless’ government to ‘undermine the country’s image’ in the wake of Brexit

The Government is “gutlessly” trying to downplay the impact of Brexit on Ireland, writes Simon Kenny.

The Taoiseach has been caught on camera saying he wants to see Brexit in “a very, very different” way than his predecessor.

He is also claiming he will “never” do anything to damage Ireland’s image.

A few days ago, Taoiseaach Enda Kenny was asked whether he thought Ireland’s economy would recover from Brexit.

“Well I think it’s going to be a bit of a gutless government to say that,” he said.

“The fact is that, in the Irish context, Brexit is going to mean the loss of jobs, the loss in the services sector, the reduction in the value of all of our exports.”

But, on the other hand, we’re going to have to do the hard work of bringing in a new government, which I believe we can do.

“But I will never do anything that’s going on to damage our image.”

Mr Kenny’s comments came after the Taoiseaching said he wanted to see “new thinking” in the way the country was perceived in the global economy.

The Taoisceach has repeatedly insisted he wants Ireland to remain “part of the single market”, which includes the European Economic Area, the customs union, and the customs and border agency.

However, he has repeatedly said that he wants more control over immigration.

He said Brexit will have “a positive effect” on the economy, but added: “What I’m looking for is a new thinking in the government.”

And we’ve got a new minister, we’ve appointed a new leader and we’ve been in government since November.

“I want to see the new thinking of the government, but I also want to have a positive impact on the Irish economy.”

Earlier this month, the Taoisayach said he would “always” support Brexit.

He has previously been criticised for his stance on immigration, with the Taoisesays foreign minister describing it as “shameful”.

In April, he told the Irish Times he would not be able to do a deal with Brussels if it was seen as “taking a hard line”.

The Government says it will not renegotiate the terms of Brexit, but is looking to take steps to prevent Brexit causing “significant disruption” to trade between the EU and the UK.

The Government has also been criticised by trade unions for not addressing their concerns about Brexit and instead looking to “soften” its position.