When it comes to the JT9, I was waiting for the JN-7 engine…

In March 2019, a news story surfaced in the Indian media alleging that JT8 engines from the JNT-V class were undergoing a process to convert to a new version of the JV-III engine.

The report said that the engines would be replaced with the new JN8 engine from 2019, but this claim was later withdrawn.

The story was also picked up by the Hindustan Times and several other media outlets.

But despite the stories being picked up and shared widely, there was no official confirmation on the matter from the government or the manufacturers.

However, it appears that the JVT-VJ engine from the current JN7 class was also being replaced with a JN9 engine, which is not yet known for sure.

As per the Hindostan Times article, the engines will be made available at the Jatavpur engine plant of Tata Motors in the city of Mysore, where the JRT-III is manufactured, on the same day that Tata is set to start its JN brand production of the next-generation JN engine, in 2019.

Sources say that the process is already underway at the plant, which currently manufactures the JTM-3 engine and will soon start to build JN6 engines for Tata.

But the JDT-V engine will be the first of a series of JV engine to be produced at the factory, which will ultimately include the JTT-V, JV8 and JV9 engines.