‘Won’t be able to play’ on ‘Horse Race’ because of concussion – Sportsman

The sport of horse racing is the world’s largest entertainment business, with more than $US3 billion in annual revenue, according to the Australian Racing Industry Association (ARIA).

However, horse racing has been deemed unsafe for players in the past.

The latest issue comes after an Australian sportswoman suffered a concussion last year while competing in the Horse Race at the Royal Adelaide Show in Adelaide.

“The sport is very much on the cusp of extinction,” the ARIA said in a statement on Monday.

“This is a major issue for sportswomen across Australia.”

The ARIA released a statement saying that the sport had been the subject of a series of safety concerns.

The Australian Rugby Union (ARU) is also concerned with the safety of its players.

“[We] want to make sure we’re safe on the track and playing in the ring,” rugby union director of public affairs Chris O’Connor said on Sunday.

Earlier in the day, the ARU released a message from chief executive Steve Tew.

Tew said that “any player who takes a tumble, falls or is involved in an accident at any time is at risk of serious injury or death”.

“The ARU has been involved in safety issues surrounding horse racing in Australia for a number of years and we will continue to be vigilant in monitoring the safety and welfare of our players,” Tew said.

ARU chief executive Stephen Tew, left, and his wife, Kate, in Melbourne in November.

Photo: Alex Ellinghausen “We are confident in our safety measures and we have already increased the number of officers on the ground and in the field working with players, including in the paddock, to ensure that we continue to make changes to the safety measures.”

On Monday, the Australian Rugby Association released a video highlighting some of the safety changes made to the sport in recent years.

There are now four separate safety systems in use for the horse racing industry: a comprehensive concussion protocol; an active injury protocol; a comprehensive crash protocol; and a comprehensive physical health protocol.

In the case of the horse race, the team behind the horse, the Southern Cross, has had to reduce the number and size of horses in their paddock.

Sporting codes in Europe have also made changes to their own sport and are working with the horse-racing industry to implement similar changes.